How to set up your weaving space

Eking out a viable space depends on different variables.  Are you lucky enough to have a dedicated space where your loom, accessories, and fiber will be housed?  Where your equipment is all set up ready to use, and you can walk away without having to put things away?

Some extra space helps

At this time and space, I don’t have everything contained in one room of my small home.  Luckily, it is just my husband and me, and he is very tolerant of my desire to weave and the amount of space I have taken over in our home.

My two looms are sitting in our living room, my fibers are stored in both my combo office/laundry room/exercise room, and in my guest bedroom.  Each time I want to warp, beam, and thread my loom, I find myself packing and repacking the equipment I need, and setting up a portable table to work. It is not ideal but it is doable.  For me the inconvenience is worth the price to be able to weave.

Storage of materials

I have two 4’wide x 72” tall wire shelving racks that are very sturdy and come with 6 shelves.   I purchased plastic totes that are all the same size which fit 4 totes across each shelf.  They house my protein fibers used in my weaving and I have them sorted by colorway.

I use the same plastic totes to store my cellulose fibers, but since I don’t have enough room on the wire shelving, they are stored underneath the guest bedroom bed.

I am able to hang my warping board from the wire shelving, and my other peripheral equipment is stored with my cellulose fibers.


Because of the year-long lockdown, I was able to spend a lot of time creating and weaving.  I am retired, so with the exception of tutoring once or twice a week, my time was/is relatively free.

Weaving is a joyous and creative activity.  Managing any amount of time to engage in it can bring about a feeling of zen, accomplishment, and pride.  One doesn’t need to sit hours at a loom.  Eking out small blocks (15-30 minutes) here and there will benefit your mood, allow one to see their progress, and spark creativity.