Weaving Equipment and Accessories


There many different types of looms on the market, each one tailored to one’s needs, from 2 – 16 shaft floor looms, rigid heddle looms, table looms, inkle looms, and more.  Researching the various loom types will help narrow down your interests and product outcome.

Two shaft looms produce plain weave structure and variations within a plain weave structure.  More shafts allow greater variety in texture and weave structure and can be more complicated initially to warp and set up for weaving.


There are accessories to consider when purchasing a loom, some are required and others are optional.   Research what is required for your loom, what accessories are available, and any peripherals, such as a warping board, that you might want.
With the pandemic and lock downs, in-person learning is slowly starting to happen again.  There are many YouTube videos on weaving, some specific to the manufacturers’ brand, or about the type of loom.  Many areas have a weaving guild, which can help point one in a direction.