Weaving Costs: where to spend and where to save

Making the investment  is not an inexpensive endeavor.


Finding a loom within your budget and needs will take time and research.  Before I purchased my floor loom, I read many different sites about looms and their differences.  Originally, I was sure what I wanted was a rigid heddle but could not pull the trigger on buying one.  I thought that the size and the portability would work for me, as I have limited space in my small home.  A floor loom just seemed so big and cumbersome, and expensive! 

I chose to purchase a Saori floor loom, (having had a chance to weave on one for 6-8 months before buying one), because I liked its well thought out features.  One is able to change out warps (even if an item is not finished), store it and put it back on the loom when ready to complete it.  I like that the loom folds up to make a slim profile, making it more portable, and great for small work spaces.   

Other equipment

There is much to consider in terms of equipment, in addition to the loom, to purchase.  If you want to wind your own warps, then you will want a  warping board, and other necessary tools that support that type of loom.  Is there an option for this loom to be able to buy premade warps if you don’t want to make your own?  Check out all the optional equipment/accessories before purchasing a loom.  Also if you choose a loom, some equipment doesn’t necessarily need that to be of your loom’s brand, example: a warping board.  But some equipment is not universal and will only work within the brand or for a particular loom.

I have a tabletop warp beamer and heddle & reed threader, which has made creating warps and threading my heddles and reeds so much easier, (an optional piece of equipment for my Saori loom).


Originally, I thought I would use up the yarn that I had left over from my knitting days, but truly I decided most of it was not really suitable for the projects I wanted to create.  Purchasing the fiber I use has been a large expenditure, but one I felt was the right choice for me.   Again, it comes down to preference and your desired outcome.