About Me

A Bit About Me and My Inspiration

I have always had a love affair with the fiber arts and it has been a pivotal expression of creativity in my life.  As a lifelong learner, continually striving to learn/try something new, I decided to learn how to weave.

I started weaving in 2018, and since then I have pushed myself to explore and experiment with techniques of ‘what could be’ and ‘what is’ possible on my simple two shaft loom.  It has given me an ongoing outlet for creativity and focus, especially important during this time of the pandemic.

My inspiration and appreciation of fibers and the fiber arts comes from my mom.  She was a creative person, who enjoyed, practiced, and taught me various fiber art forms, but sewing was her favorite.  Mom would spend hours selecting materials made of fine cottons, wools and/or silks.  She loved the texture and feel of these fabrics, always considering the way a fabric draped, the richness of its color, and the utility of creating one’s own clothing.

I learned about fiber choices and what a difference they make from her.  We sewed together continually throughout our lives, sharing stories, trading ideas, and creating new memories.  She was a wonderful role model, who continually encouraged all her children to aspire and go outside one’s comfort zone.  Even after 20+ years of her passing, she is always the voice in my head telling me I can do it, even if I have trouble believing that I can!

To this day, I can’t touch fiber without thinking of her.  She would have loved that I learned to weave and have embraced it so wholeheartedly.  This website is dedicated to my mom, Alice Santos, and the gifts she gave me.