My Philosophy

I use a 2-shaft Saori Japanese floor loom for my creations.  I chose this loom because of the company’s philosophy which is rooted in core concept that we are all born with unique sensibilities and the power to create, along with cultivating awareness and compassion within ourselves and our global community.

The Four Slogans of SAORI:

These ideas guide those practicing SAORI, not only while they weave, but also in the ways they conduct their lives as a whole.


Consider the differences between a machine and a human being

To exist, think, and express freely, to not be constrained by predetermined rules or expectations.


Be bold and adventurous

Be courageous and venture beyond the limits we typically define or allow others to define for ourselves.


Look out through eyes that shine

Awaken our sensitivity to and enthusiasm for the beauty that exists all  around us.


Inspire one another and everyone in the community

We inspire by learning and learn by inspiring.