Obtaining knowledge:

My personal experience as a beginner

I am very much a hands-on type of learner and enjoy taking classes, so when I first considered learning to weave, I took a beginning contemporary weaving course on a small tapestry loom.  It was 2 ½ – 3 hours long and covered the basics of threading the loom, basic weaving techniques, and using different materials.  It was fun, and the instructor was very enthusiastic.

I spent a month weaving away, and purchased a larger wooden tapestry loom, and made several pieces before I realized that it was not the style of weaving I wanted to continue doing.

I came across another instructor, who wove on 2-shaft floor looms, and offered introductory sessions in her weaving studio.  I signed up for the two hour introductory session, and was hooked.  I continued to weave at her studio on a weekly basis and within 6 months, I knew I had to have my own loom at home.

For those who do not have access to a weaving guild, studio, or teacher, there are many YouTube videos, and other online weaving schools available.  This requires that you have decided what kind of weaving you would like to do, and have purchased the equipment and materials to do so.  There are many types of popular weaving styles and equipment to try ranging from band weaving, inkle weaving,

Tapestry weaving, rigid heddle weaving, to table/floor loom weaving.  The choices can be a bit overwhelming.