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Garment Care

How to care for your garment

Neckerchiefs, Scarves, Wraps

Items containing wool/silk/alpaca/mohair/llama:
  • 1 tsp. Eucalan Delicate Wash to 1 gallon tepid water (I use a plastic shoebox)
  • Place item in water, fully emerge, and let sit for at least 45-60 minutes
  • Gently squeeze water out, careful not to twist or wring (no need to rinse item)
  • Spread wet item out on top of a large towel (I use a beach towel), and roll up like a sausage
  • Press firmly on top of roll to encourage towel soaking up the water
  • Let completely air dry
  • Iron on wool/silk setting, lightly mist with water if necessary.

Table linens, Napkins, Bread Basket Liners, Baby Blankets

Items containing cotton, cotton-linen blend, other cotton blends, hemp:
  • Machine wash warm on gentle cycle
  • Dry on medium-low heat
  • Iron on cotton setting, mist with water to block

Lap Blankets

Items containing superwash wool, superwash wool-silk blend:
  • Machine wash warm on gentle cycle
  • Dry on low/extra low heat for 20-30 minutes (repeat if still damp or finish by letting item air dry)

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