Shuttle & Loom was born on a day when we realised that who better grasps the needs of the craftsman but the craftsman.

We realised that the aprons we were using were just not cutting it both practically as well as aesthetically so we decided to do something about it. The idea was to handcraft all the products in a “live space”, a studio if you wish that also happened to house a Specialty Coffee Shop.

Hand craftsmanship is something to get close to. We want our clients to feel materials and textures, explore our patterns. See how things are actually made and the time and care that goes into each individual piece.

We have a real passion for high quality raw material that we can trace back to the actual producers. The 13,5oz Red Line Selvedge denim we use comes from Candiani Mills situated in a little town just outside Milan.

Our current Denim range includes aprons, bags and tool rolls. One day we are dreaming of making a pair of jeans.

Our leather bag and accessory range uses materials all sourced locally in Chania.The town once was home to over 80 tanneries, most of them located in the seaside area of Tabakaria.

Our apparel is crafted to last and “age” beautifully. Denim as well as leather evolves with you, taking on the character of your daily routine and work style.


Shuttle & Loom products are available at:

BESPOKE, Chania, Greece


Ozone Coffee Roasters, London, United Kingdom www.ozonecoffee.co.uk

A kxcoffeeproject, Nicosia, Cyprus



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